Letter to my Grandmother


   To you my Grandmother, my true only Mother; please forgive me for not being of your last moments.

    May your soul rest in peace.

       N.B:(highlighted words are explained below)

Brain of this earth, so hidden and bright,

Blasting the sun, flooding every sight;

The owner of my journey, master of my both,

In grief I do have a wish, a need for an oath;


A letter to Paradise, would it gate?

Grand Ma is waiting, and I can’t be late;

She blew a moan, Son I’m up to a ride,

And went alone, I wasn’t by her side.


Grand Ma, I miss you and I miss it all,

Your laughter, your bread and your call;

Grand Ma, I miss the stories and your pride,

Crawl in the early and gather by your side.


Grand Ma, your cough stirred to never,

The sound of your broom, faded forever;

Grand Ma, I miss your eyes and the face,

That whiff of yours, I need to embrace.


Candor made the scent of your shawl,

Truth twined the bounty and the drawl;

A school of life, a candle in the gloom,

Your words of wisdom, guide of my doom.


Smell of goats we prized, muttons fowls and cows,

Ancestors made the rules, bounty pride and saws;

Your soul in my lungs, your blood feed my vein,

Gone without your son, in grief I’ll live in vain.


Where was I, when you sighed the call?

Where was I, when pain sapped the bawl?

Far in deep vanish, no hearsay no traces,

With fate I took a ride, of oceans and spaces.


Now that you’re in Yovna, for death I shall crave,

Ramble in bareness, and rove by your grave;  

Will I ever hear your voice, will I see you again?

Drink from your smile, and ease the killing pain?


I seek for a nap, a deep dive in the gone,

Join my beloved, and revive my throne;

I wish for a sleep, close my eyes and rest,

Set my soul free, release body and chest.


My glass of fate, my buddy in the throttle,

Keep an eye, the grief may drain the bottle;

My tears will tide, throat will gulp the scream,

My eyes will close, for she will own my dream.



                               I love you Grand Ma until the end of never.

 Yovna: A star where I beleave all the souls of my family members will converge. 

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