What is it?

I don’t like this sound that prevents me from closing my eyes and go for a share of dreams. My heartbeats are making a horrible noise that keeps on taking this heavy stress into a continuous progress of threat. They are the drums of a false promise that send their vibrations to shake up my head and exhort it out from its final rest. 

Tell me about that appointment with my path and I will pack my anxiety in my way to go out for my ultimate trip. Tell me about those stories that left me alone with my hopes and I will listen up until I fall asleep. Shake up my sorrow and display out the wonderful colors of my childhood. Twist hard my fate and send out a thunder of wrath for the storm to pinch up the events of my promised tomorrow.  

No truth in my sight and no life in my thinking. No murmur of that creek and my world is dry of emptiness. My door is open and I see shadows in a clear moon light. They are jumping around with faces of a big smile greeting me with a satirical ignorance. My body is cold and a fever of homelessness is scratching up my left hand. The sound of frogs is escalading high the hills of darkness. The whisper of silence is taking me from my right hand to step into this muddy path that is caressing my bare feet to a sensation of pain.

Wake up dear myself and go out to face up the howling of all these enchanting voices. Follow the traces of your people and enter those holly woods. When you reach up the heights and you leave your empty home behind all your remembrance. When you look around, to find out that you can no more hear the voices of your ancestors. When you lack for a drop of affection and you can’t find that chest of your first breath. When your eyes reflect the sky of a starry night and your throat sends out the hushed sound of your desperation. When you feel your head so heavy and rest your back on that brave old rock. When your tears find their way to the free and you cover up your face with your cold hands. Then and over that little tiny break of time, you will receive a moment of freedom that will embody you with an eternal sense of nothing. What is it? Why I am here? Where are my moments? Why I can’t sleep?



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