Mohamed Racim

Born in 1896 in a family of artists from which he inherited the art of miniatures. Early in his childhood he started his journey with his art until he reached a very high technical level. His name became the synonym of his art and he well deserved his reputation.

He was very affected by the Muslim civilization and the past of the city of Algiers his native town. Unfortunately at his time this civilization was buried in the memories by the French colonization. He made a strong contribution in bringing this glorious past up to the surface through his unique marvels. In another words, Mohamed Racim did fight the French occupation on the artistic front. That is why he always tried to take his miniatures to perfection. Racim succeeded to awaken the Algerian pride through the subjects of his miniatures. Racim did correct the history of Algeria and brought it back to where it belongs.

He died in 1975 but his followers are still following his steps to keep the Algerian art of miniatures unique as the beauty of the land, the sky, and the free human being that we Algerian are.




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