The Queen of Love

     To the Girl that marveled me with her words…To the Queen of  love I

          wrote this…



I heard a whisper, down in the east,

Telling the story of a broken nest;

Ramble of a soul, seeking for a rest,

Murmur of the time, love is never lost.


There is a bloom, that does not fade,

Not found in Eden, nor glow of Jade;

It is a blossom that roots in love,

Roses and lilac in the sky above.


Sultan of the names, the Queen of love,

Eyes of gazelle, the blink of a dove;

Moon of the smiles, in a clear night,

Heart full of love, to forever bright.


Sitting at her window, gone with her mind,

Curly black hair, unique in her kind;

Round of the face, traces of a sorrow,

Away with her dreams, flying in tomorrow.


A suitcase in a corner, lonely in her room,

Waiting for the rise, hushed praying her doom;

Eyes in the sky, Yovna star of my Queen,

Early in her trip, at station sixteen.


She loved true, pouring all her tide,

Gave him the best from a deep pride;

Failed her trust, dumped her to sears,

Leaving the rest, to a flow of tears.


To ever he shall vanish, in hell he shall burn,

On him she put a spell, never he will return;

A dance from the stars, singing her a tune,

Her fate yet to claim, the Queen of her throne.


Her love a word of honor, no fickle no tweak,

Her liver knows the fire, her heart a single seat;

Ears on her door, waiting for her knight,

A trip on her wish, a blast into the bright.


In the day of twenty-two, month of December,      

Two of the thousand, five made the lumber;

A story of my Queen, words made the ample,               

Her love is her truth, a mark on her temple.




Yovna: A star where I beleave all ma family members souls will converge. 


The QUEEN OF LOVE is a 16 years old girl somewhere in the middle east, the space of whom can be found here:

She was dumped in her true deep love and, seeking for a beam of hope, she sprays magic words in her Blog. It is in Arabic and that is why I came up with these few words to take her voice beyond the language barriers. 


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