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The Queen of Love

     To the Girl that marveled me with her words…To the Queen of  love I           wrote this…                  I heard a whisper, down in the east, Telling the story of a broken nest; Ramble of a soul, seeking for a … Continue reading

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Jailed in Paradise

                  It goes and it goes, for it will never end; this random motion of space that keeps me jailed in a tiny cubic entity of time. It had rocked in all the directions and rolled down through … Continue reading

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Saint Augustine

St-Augustine is a great Christian theologian known for his bright philosophical style and level of thinking. Among his works the confessions and the city of God. He was born in the 13th of November 354 after J.C in MADAURE in … Continue reading

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Etienne Dinet

Alphonse Etienne Dinet is a French artist who was born in 1861 within a rich family in Paris. He traveled to Algeria, which was a French colony at that time; first in 1883 as a visitor but then he returned … Continue reading

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