Letter to Myself


Take the ride Jade, time for you to leave,

Pack your sorrow and sip your cup of pain;

No food you need, only your stick to heave,

A traveler you’re born, a nomad you’ll remain.


Voices in your head, screaming the loud,

The heart pinching the pain of a story;

A throat in choke, hushing the sound,

A breath in your deep, so alert in worry.



Take the ride Jade, time to start the fight,

Battle hiding the next, bleeding you’ll survive;

Broken of a heart, the strength of a knight,

Fighter you’re born, warrior you’ll thrive.


Turn your face to the sparkling stars,

Yovna your mother shining the lime;

A mark on the sky for each body scars,

That now is your turn for a crumb of time.


Get it from the end of the never,

Take it, it was always yours;

Jump high and crossover the hover,

Climb the walls and align it to your course.


Throw that cry and wash your face with the sun,

Tears of fate, water for all doom of life;

Have your thoughts for those left in the gone,

Torn in your deep, your stem thirsty for a rife.


I have a pity for you and I do,

I have a word for you and I do really do;

I have prayers for you and I will always do,

A rock of your kind is a garden of all the do.


The volcano over that hill is red of threat,

A sound of a thunder darkening your sight;

Winds waved your trees, music notes of fret,

Your land is arid, time to start your fight.


Get out of this snaky yellow labyrinth,

Free yourself from this flood of the days;

Swim the mud and reach up to your strength,

Clean up your eyes, for they will fade the grays.


This drum that I hear, itching me for a dance,

I can’t move, if only I could pray my hips;

This song waving me for a remembrance,

I can’t scream, if only I could beg my lips.


Take the ride Jade, go down beyond that shield,

The unknown is a silence, a hive of murky sweet;

Run free, race the wind through that grassy field,

You can do it Jade, it’s only your rusty feet.





 Yovna : A star where I believe all my family souls will converge.

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