A Train Ride



My bag shallow and dry, pocket empty in sorrow,

Hunger starving the pride, my hopes food of tomorrow;

Nowhere asked the day, the train has made the sound,

The path searched the way, for who lost in the crowd.


The train rushing the smooth, tearing hills and mountains,

Tunnels bearing the weights, dusk playing the curtains;

Fields jade of the bliss, winter had left the place,

Calves playing with cows, a smile brightened my face.


Trees sitting the quiet, warming feeling the sun,

Snow browned the twigs, nature spell of the fun;

That farm saying the words, a home love of the sight,

Horses hearing the song, lonely seeking a knight.


The heart wide in delight, the eyes know where to rest,

The wish praying the hopes, may they give me the best;

My kismet I have to chase, for a share I got a thirst,

The egg called the chicken, did you or was I the first.


Dove brought me the news, with eyes blinking the beauty,

Child, smile of my dream, green eyes, gift of the Mighty;

My knees bending the rust, belly thrive to escape,

My hair steeling the grays, body went out of shape.


Bechihi I got a stem, Tayeb named the pride,

Father heart of my grief, to Yovna he took a ride;

My fate queen of my path, on me she put a spell,

My years she took the days, of nights she made a hell.


Queen death haunting my thoughts, a bell voicing the sound,

Whisky last of my toast, a rope ashes to ground;

Yovna queen of the stars, my fate stone of my ring,

This mist shall clear the sight, Ashley the best will bring.





 In the train traveling from Lausanne (swizerland) back to Salzburg; it tells about the trip and my state of mind.




Bechihi: Relative to Ouled-Bechih the name of my Berber family Tribe (Native people of Norrth Africa). It is the biggest tribe in my native town region .

Tayeb:    My beloved father who gave his life for freedom before my second spring. 

Yovna:    A star where I believe all my family Souls will converge.

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