To Dylan my beloved horse, who was sold to a little spoiled rich girl. May you be in the best of this down one. I love you and that is forever.



In a stable we met, pure love, at the first sight,

Stallion, single of kind, the dream of every knight;

Lovely royal and tall, black shining the splendor,

My horse of all the time, love styling the candor.


My day of beginning, meek, saddle you robed;

The head against my back, face on me you rubbed,

Novice were my first steps, still, serene you waited,

Tense I was confused, smooth, in fright you halted.


Sunday of each week, awake before the sun,

Early hitting the road, to you speeding the run;

Apple fresh of carrot, the food choice of my horse,

Darkness blinding the sight, in snow facing the worse.


Rushing toward your spot, my feet taking the lead,

Cute eyes of my Dylan, unique my lovely steed;

Head against my shoulder, happy teasing your friend,

Eyes telling a whisper, Ashley will understand.


The heart pinching of love, my hands brushing your back,

Your lips eating my hair, my laugh upping the jack;

Noble trot of your steps, tempo waving the air,

Horses swinging the heads, noisy, cheering the pair.


Twins clone of the nature, the style joined the pride,

Dylan Ashley the pair, graceful top of the ride;

Riders from all the groups, lined stealing the glance,

Horse joined the rider, the show is to commence.


Graceful were your gallops, always head of the line,

The traits of parody, faithful, proud and divine;

Proud beside my wonder, Fans blinking the flashes,

Of me you made a star, smooth style of the marshes.


A day I will retain, a stab deep of the wound,

Stable silent and cold, horses hushing the sound;

Your room empty in grief, Dylan has left the place,

My heart chocking the throat, of you there was no trace.


Dylan lost of my rhymes, for you last of the song,

My tears and requiem, shall flow my life along;

Dylan first of my last, loyal truth of the bound,

My skies graying the clouds, Dylan no more around.


My world empty of love, no warm no tender breath,

Curse haunting my people, to gone farewell or death;

In grief mourning the loss, Dylan is now away,

Now and my eternal, with you my heart will stay.




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