I do share the pride with my St-Augustine of being born in the same place and from the same Berber blood.


Augustine of Thagaste and Madaure,

Hippone the cathedral and the shore.

Lonely in my fate, I need to talk,

In your garden, I do wish to walk;


Nomad, not lucid my horizon,

In land of the lost, years in the dark;

Saint of wisdom, rightful your reason,

Show a glance, from you I need a spark.


Lift the arm, and reach up to my wound,

Feel my chest, listen up to the beat;

Say the prayer, and plead to the sound,

Drop them softly, moan up to the heat.


Enlighten my sight with your passion,

Hand me a bough from your sacred tree;

Show me the way to your confession,

Nourish my will, and set my soul free.


Take me high, and quiver through the heights,

Let me know, when we reach up the stars;

Swirl up the breeze, and whirl out the nights,

Revive the wounds, and scratch up the scars.


Take me blind, and lead me through the graves,

Bare of the feet, I will chase your path;

Stumble to the stones, and feel the waves,

Seeking my doom, thunder of my wrath.


When we pass by the hills of queen death,

Let me spit a mark on her black throne;

When I succumb and lack for a breath,

Let me write a word on my gravestone.


Anger of the days, verses of my book,

Traces of the years, page after page;

Curse of the fate, never off the hook,

End of the time, a spell on my age.



Berber: Native people of North Africa (My tribe).

Confession: One of Augustino famous works.

Hippone: Today Annaba on the East Algerian coast (100 Km North of Souk-Ahras).

Madaure: Today M’daourouch a small city at few Km from Souk-Ahras.

Thagaste: Today Souk-Ahras (my native town).


                   To know my St-Augustine, please read my comments on THINGS TO KNOW section.


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  1. gouasmia says:

    trés ipréssionant, Excuses-moi Mr elbechihi je connais un prefesseur à l’université de Annaba il enseigne le module de la Litterature Anglaise pour les classes de l’école Doctorale. En faite, il cherche un poéte ou un novelist maghrebin qui écrit en Anglais pour enrechir son cour de litterature si ca vous interesse envoies moi un Mail sur mon adresse mail mimoimen@hotmail.fr

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