A woman from the stars, in my heart she stroke,

A smile of a Mother, with her eyes she spoke;

The face glowing and pure, from heaven she fed,

The blue scarf she wore, the ears and the head.                


My heart full of joy, the charm of a smile,

Swept of my feet, by her rested a while;

Picture brightened the wall, the look and the face,

Benches kneeled in rows, candles filled the place.


Theresa the name, Jesus master and guide,

In land of the poor, candle lifted the pride;

Praying in the dusk, the tears of an Angel,

Sinner and the lost, the heart of a marvel.


From oil and bread, the food of a humble,

Cement and earth, her bed and the temple;

Water in her bucket, thirsty and the ill,

The age and the grays, never leaned her will


Whisper in my ears, the voice of a song,

Mother to a son, not seen for a long;

Where have you been, what fate you belong,

Where did you go, what was it so wrong.


Life was of the rough, evil I had to fight,

Bitter and the sour, day fearing my night;

Your holy blessings, wish in my desire,

Eyes of a mother, I love to admire.


Heart saying the prayers, tears will do the rest,

Motherly my wishes, always from the best;

Candle melting the drops, your pain to ashes dive,

My son of all the toughs, shall bloom toping the thrive.





Theresa de Lisieux, known as The little flower of Jesus , is a Saint Woman who died with Tuberculoses in 1897. The left corner of Vienna main cathedral was reserved to her and her glowing picture was beautifully surrounded by the red candles that were enlightening her bright face. I was so touched by this woman and these words came to me in the Train while I was traveling back to Salzburg.

For more information on my Theresa plerase visit one of these pages.

To read the english translation of her poems please do visit this page


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